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Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power

Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power

    • Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power
    • Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power
    • Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power
  • Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: SHANGHAI
    Certification: ISO/REACH/SGS/ROSH
    Model Number: R920

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 4500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
    Delivery Time: Within 10 workdays after payment
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union
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    Detailed Product Description
    MF: Tio2 Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
    Application: Powder Coatings Clssification: Titanium Dioxide
    ASTM D476-84: III, IV Surface Treatment: Zirconium, Aluminum Coats And Special Organic Treatment
    CAS No.: 13463-67-7 EINECS No.: 236-675-5
    Purity: 92% Appearance: White Powder
    BET: 4.1 G/cm3 Rutile Content: ≥99.0
    ISO591-1:2000: R2 HS Code: 3206111000
    High Light:

    chloride process tio2


    titanium dioxide chloride process

    Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power



    Key Features:

    *Excellent tint reducing power                                         *high weathering resistance

    *Good opacity                                                     *Excellent disperstion




    1.Characteristic requirements for titanium dioxide in coatings and paints

    Item Building Coat
    Normal temperature drying enamel paint (Little porcelain paint type) emulsion coatings
    Outdoor weather resistance, Hiding power, aesthetic property weather resistance, Hiding power, aesthetic property( Little outdoor)
    Indoor Hiding power, aesthetic property Hiding power, aesthetic property
    Item Industrial Coat
    automobile home electrical appliances
    Finish coat weather resistance, Hiding power, aesthetic property , dispersibility Hiding power, aesthetic property
    floating coat weather resistance, Hiding power, dispersibility
    primer coat dispersibility

    Coatings industry consumes most qty of titanium dioxide, especially the rutile type. The global coating industries occupy 58% - 60%, mainly because the aspects of the performance is much better than the other white pigments. So the coating using by titanium dioxide is much higher than ordinary filler, because titanium dioxide is an integral part of in the coating, covering and adornment, its role is not only more important is to improve the physical and chemical properties of paint, bust also to improve the mechanical strength of the coating, adhesion, anticorrosive, light and weather resistance.So during of the production of coatings, It’s reasonable for us to choose the suitable type and specs!

    2.Titanium dioxide quality requirements for plastic, PVC and masterbatch

    Items Performance
    Hiding power Lighter and thinner plastic products can be produced using tio2 of good hidinding power

    Decide the appearance of the white or light color palstic products

    light color or white color

    Dispersibility Affect the production cost of plastic products as bad dispersibility affects the smoothness and brightness
    Weather resistance The outdoors plastic products and plastic doors and windows require the weather resistance of tio2
    Machinability Titanium dioxide machinability is the vital key to the production efficiency and cost in the production of white masterbatch (especially the concentration variety)
    Performace impact Titanium dioxide volume of addition can affects the quality of the plastic products, especially in the condition of larger addition

    Plastic is the second largest parts for titanium dioxide, occupying about 20% of the total world titanium dioxide demands, There are more than 50 brands belongs to plastic specials in the world 500 barands. Requirements for plastic, fine particle, good dispersion performance;Good heat resistance and light resistance,During the heat and the plastic forming process , the finished product does not change color in sunlight exposure and use process. Most of the particle size in plastic is fine. In the plastics, to join titanium dioxide

    can improve the heat resistance of plastic products, light fastness, weather resistance, make the plastic products to improve the physical and chemical performance.The strong mechanical strength can extend their life!

    The effect of titanium pigment in the plastics industry mainly has two aspects, one is used as the basic white pigment, provide cover (white color); the second is to block uv light, used as uv screen disadvantages agent, used for outdoor plastic products to provide a good weatherability. For the Common plastic,it does not require the weatherability, focuses

    More on the paint performance requirements.

    Due to the characteristics of palstic products, When choosing different, should be taken into account in accordance with the technical requirements of plastic products, mainly to choose anatase or rutile, not same as the coatings, inks, paints.


    3.Titanium dioxide quality requirements for paper production:


    classification Tio2 classification Notes
    rutile anatase
    decorative paper   Higher Anti-aging requirement
    High ash paper  


    Better Hiding power

    Low ash paper   Better opacity
    coinage paper   Better opacity

    Paper is the third largest parts for titanium dioxide, As the paper filter, mainly use in high grade paper and thin paper. To join titanium dioxide in the paper can make the paper good whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, not penetrate when printing, light quality.Titanium dioxide for Paper generally use the titanium dioxide without the surface treatment, can have the effect of fluorescent whitening agent, increase the whiteness of paper, but laminated paper use requires the surface treatment of rutile titanium, to meet the requirements of light resistance and heat resistance.


    Different paper use, different type titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide rutile, good oxidation resistance good weather resistance, mainly used for decorative paper and high ash paper of weather resistance; While titanium dioxide anatase used for the low transparency and low ash paper,not high rquirement for weather resistance.Although chlorination process and sulfuric acid process can produce rutile type, but the chlorination process titanium pigment , whiteness, the red crystal type of content, especially the stability of the finished product is better than that of the sulfuric acid method, suitable for use in the decorative paper and high ash;And coinage in the paper and the low ash must be used titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid, in order to meet the requirements of opacity for two kinds of paper.


    4.Titanium dioxide quality requirements for ink and rubber :

    Titanium dioxide , also have a wide range of applications in ink,rubber and others, including the three major application fields.



    Titanium dioxide is an indispensable white pigment in the senior ink, ink containing titanium dioxide color fast, good surface moisture resistant, easy to disperse, rutile type titanium pigment,both used in the printing ink industry .
    Practice proved rutile type titanium pigment has ideal application performance, can be widely used in various types of ink preparation, crystal shape, refractive index and tinting strength, the index of fluorescence, type is better than the sharp titanium rutile type titanium pigment, therefore, rutile type titanium pigment is widely used in printing ink.



    Titanium pigment mainly used as colorants in rubber industry, but also has a reinforcing, prevent aging, filling effect. Add titanium pigment into white and color rubber products, under the sunlight, resistant to sunlight, no crack, no color, stretching rate and resistance to acid and alkali. With titanium dioxide, rubber is mainly used for automobile tires and rubber shoes, rubber floor, gloves, sports equipment, etc., generally,anatase type. But used in automobile tyres production, add a certain amount of rutile type products, to enhance the ozone resistance and ultraviolet resistance.


    Excellent Tint Reducing Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide / Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide Power 0

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    ΔShangHai LiangJiang Titanium White Product Co.,Ltd has six core values which govern everything we do and are an important part of the company's DNA. Our six core values are codified in our company's management systems for hiring, training, and performance evaluation.

    ΔTitle: LIANGJIANG's Culture Values
    Introduction: Introduction: Customer First
    The interests of our community of users and paying members must be our first priority.

    We expect our employees to collaborate as a team. We encourage input from our employees in the decision-making process, and expect every employee to commit to the team's objectives.

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    Integrity is at the heart of our business as trust is an essential element of a marketplace. We expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on their commitments.

    Our employees are encouraged to act with passion whether it is serving customers or developing new services and products.

    Our employees have a dedicated focus and commitment to understanding and delivering on the needs of Chinese and global SMEs.

    Competitive Advantage:

    1. Know the customers needs

    We have 10 years of operating experience in this industry, We have 5 years cooperation with all kinds of brand cooperation in foreign trade import and export, We know our understandings for customers’ needs, our considerate service, think what they want to or they never think!


    2. Faster delivery time

    Our staff, full of passion, with the most reasonable, the most efficient labor, supply the best samples and goods to the clients at faster speed!


    3. Strong supply capacity

    Whatever big orders or small orders, we will grasp the opportunity the customers give us , Shanghai liangjiang has its own factory, we can guarantee the completion of orders smoothly, at the same time of improving quality, and constantly improve the quality.


    4. Honesty is the best policy

    Many years of efforts, we strict with themselves, guarantee the customer receive the sample quality same as the goods, we cherish the samples and big goods into every client, solve the smallest friction between the customers, eventually to achieve a win-win result.


    5. Strong Research and Development team

    In order to make us more core competitiveness in the industry, we have also has carried on the research and development for the other fillers, such as barium sulfate( precipitation / superfine), calcium carbonate (light/heavy), manganese carbonate series products, improve our competitive advantages in the industry, meet the requirements of customers of high, medium and low, service the different needs of various industries, we aspires to be the supplier of the world's leading chemical raw materials, show our value of the products made in China!

    Rutile titanium dixoide R920(chlorination process)

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