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Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder

Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder

  • Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder
Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LiangJiang
Certification: ISO/REACH/SGS/ROSH
Model Number: manganese carbonate industrial grade
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Ton/Tons
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plastic and paper compound valve bag, net weight of each bag: 25kgs;1 Pallet can be packed 40 bags by PE film/ 1 ton/ 40bags;1x20' FCL can be loaded 20 Pallet/ 20 ton/800bags. 1x20' FCL can be loaded 22 ton/ 880bags without pallet.;If you have special req
Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: 30% T/T in advance, the balance against the copy of B/L;Irrevocable Sight L/C;western Union、D/A、D/P
Supply Ability: 3000Ton/Tons per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Classification: Manganese Carbonate CAS No.: 598-62-9
HS: 28369990 ElNECS No.: 209-942-9
Model Name: Manganese Carbonate Industrial Grade Appearance: Amorphous Brown Powder
Application: Manganese Carbonate Can Be Used As Catalyst Of Desulfuration, Enamel Pigment, Varnish Dryer And The Material Of Manganese Salt. It Is Also Applied In Medicine, Mechanical Parts And Phosphating Treatment Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
High Light:

manganese carbonate powder



manganese carbonate industrial grade CAS No.598-62-9 amorphous brown powder



Basic data


Chemical Name

Manganese Carbonate(MnCO3)

Other names

Manganese carbonate;Manganous carbonate

Molecular formular

Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder 0





Molecular Weight



rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder.

true specific gravity

3.125 g/cm3


Shanghai liangjiang titanium white products Co.,Ltd



Typical technical index( Standard:HG/4203-2011 )








Content of Mn




















Heavy Metal





Nitrate insolubles





Phosphate Test


Solution shows pink,clear and transparent



plastic woven bag inner plastic bag with net weight 25KG.500kg or 1000kg plastic bag or as customer’s request.


Transportation and Storage Safety:

  This product, rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder,, prevent moisture in the process of transportation, storage should be placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Avoid breathing dust when processing, if contamination, can be cleaned with soap and water , concrete technology may refer to the corresponding material safety data.



1, Liangjiang brand- manganese carbonate industrial grade, adopting direct acidification method for soft manganese ore powders (two-ores method), oft manganese ore is Calcined into manganese oxide and then acidification, reduced the calcination process, greatly saves equipment investment, reduce the pollution of the environment, and reduce the cost.The appearance is rosy, triangular crystal or amorphous bright white brown powder.Relative density 3.125.Almost insoluble in water, slightly soluble in water with carbon dioxide.Soluble in dilute mineral acid, slightly soluble in ordinary organic acids, insoluble in alcohol and liquid ammonia.Stable in dry air.When wet, it’s easy for oxidation, manganese sesquioxide will be informed, gradually becoming dark brown, then emitting carbon dioxide by thermal decomposition.


Application: Shanghai Liangjiang titanium white products co., LTD. Production of manganese carbonate is widely used in telecommunications equipment is used as the material of ferrite, desulfurization catalyst, enamel paint, varnish drier, manganese salt catalyst manufacture and raw materials.In fertilizer, medicine, machinery parts, and also need to use the manganese carbonate in phosphating treatment.Agricultural use manganese carbonate as trace element fertilizer its content can be slightly lower.

2, The main raw materials of Liangjiang-brand industry grade Manganese carbonate are pyrolusite and 

pyritic. The two materials reacted with sulfuric acid, and through the process deironing, wiping off other 

heavy metals to get manganese sulfate solution. Then neutralize the solution with ammonium bicarbonate

 to get final manganese carbonate products.






3, Liangjiang brand- manganese carbonate production process:

Varnish Drier Manganous Carbonate CAS No.598-62-9 Amorphous Brown Powder 1 







The manganese carbonate production methods at present including four kinds of technique:

No.1 Manganese metal method

The manganese metal dissolved in nitric acid and then reaction. The heavy metals from the natural manganese nitrate solution are purified by hydrogen sulfide.After filtration, the purification liquid of manganese nitrate reacts with ammonium bicarbonate. The natural manganese carbonate, the precipitates are washed, filtered, dehydrated, dried and then High purity manganese carbonate, manganese carbonated feed grade, finished. chemical equation as follows,



No.2 double decomposition reaction method

Insolubles are filtered and removed by dissolved manganese sulfate with water or Steam at the top of the reactor. And then purified by hydrogen sulfide to remove the heavy metals and so on. Heating boiling, filtering, the pure manganese sulfate solution is finished. After double replacement reaction with ammonium hydrogen carbonate at 25℃30℃ in the recator. The natural manganese carbonate, the precipitates are washed, filtered, dehydrated, hot wind dried at 80℃90℃, manganese carbonated, finished. chemical equation as follows,


No.3 Pyrolusite method

Soft manganese ore powders mixed with pulverized coals, by reductive roasting and sulfuric acid leaching, then manganese sulfate solution finished, after filtered , neutralization with ammonium bicarbonate and again, then through vacuum filtration, dehydration and drying, manganese carbonate finished.The chemical equation as follows,



No.4 Rhodochrosite method,

Mixed sulfuric acid solution and rhodochrosite powders according to proportion and reaction, the natural manganese sulfate solution will be purified, divided, neutralization with ammonium bicarbonate and again, then through vacuum filtration, dehydration and drying, manganese carbonate finished.The chemical equation as follows,


No.5 Manganese chloride method

To make low heavy metals manganese carbonate with chloride, manganese chloride could be made by the reaction of hydrochloric acid and manganese oxide or rhodochrosite. Also by the Manganese sulfate slag or other scraps with hydrochloric acid manganese salts.

under the premise of Manganese chloride solution in Ph ~ 5 , adding sodium sulfide to remove the heavy metals, and then adding the settlement agent for settlement, manganese chloride purification by filtration, put the solid ammonium hydrogen carbonate into the lution to make neutralization and reaction, through filtration, washing, drying,the low heavy metal content of manganese carbonate was finished.And after neutralization ,filtering the mother liquor to be the ammonium chloride solution, Through evaporating, crystallization, separation, drying the recycled ammonium chloride. The chemical equation as follows,



4, Shanghai liangjiang Titanium White Products Co.,Ltd,the market research for Manganese Carbonate.

At present, we have found manganese ore reserves was 688 million tons in China, annual consumption of manganese ore is 45 million tons in China, the world's largest consumers, 51% manganese ferroalloys, 42% manganese metals, 7% electrolytic manganese dioxide and others. Manganese carbonate is the ideal magnetic materials of high performance, which is widely used in electronic industry. also the main raw material of the soft magnets and other manganese salts, used in the production of the aluminum and manganese silicon alloys, used as fertilizers and feed additives, etc. With the expansion of downstream demand for the manganese carbonate industry, the development of manganese carbonate will continue to rise.

5. Shanghai Liangjiang Titanium white Products Co.,Ltd, the brand building for Manganese Carbonate:
 It is a not long history for Manganese carbonate industry in china, so far many enterprises haven’t woken up for brand awareness., the brand strategy has not been formed and not adopted, It has been a rapid development, so that less brand enterprise of manganese carbonate, less well-known brands.The brand construction is particularly important, An increasing number of enterprises of manganese carbonate is paying more and more attention to the brand.Reality tells us that whether state-owned enterprises, or corporation; Whether individual breakthrough, or advancement, if they the want to narrow the gap with foreign, to improve the brand awareness, brand construction, brand building, brand promotion and brand marketing, to strengthen China's manganese carbonate industry brand effects,to improve the manganese carbonate enterprise brand value.Therefore Shanghai liang jiang titanium white products co., LTD., based on quality, quality, market analysis and so on, to promote domestic and international markets, to increase the popularity of manganese carbonate made by shanghai liangjiang titanium white products co.,ltd in domestic and foreign markets, do the best quality,show our value of the products made in China!



No.1 Using in the production of manganese salts, also used as the materials of telecommunication components.

No.2  Used in the desulfurization catalysts, enamel paint, manganese salt ,also used in fertilizers, medicine, feed additives, electrode materials etc
No.3  Used as the materials of soft magnetic ferrite in telecommunication components. Manganese carbonate industrial grade is widely used in the desulfurization catalyst, enamel paint, varnish, drier and the raw materials other manganese salts.Also used in medicine, mechanical parts and phosphating treatments, etc. If used in trace element fertilizers, its content can be slightly lower.

No.4  Used in the magnetic materials of communication equipments, the high performance manganese zinc ferrite.

No.5 Using in the production of manganese salt, widely used in the desulfurization catalyst, enamel paint, varnish, drier and the raw materials other manganese salts.Also used in medicine, mechanical parts and phosphating treatments, etc


Why Choose US:

Δ ShangHai LiangJiang Titanium White Product Co.,Ltd has six core values which govern everything we do and are an important part of the company's DNA. Our six core values are codified in our company's management systems for hiring, training, and performance evaluation.

Δ Title: LIANGJIANG's Culture Values
Introduction: Introduction: Customer First
The interests of our community of users and paying members must be our first priority.

Δ Teamwork
We expect our employees to collaborate as a team. We encourage input from our employees in the decision-making process, and expect every employee to commit to the team's objectives.

Δ Embrace Change
We operate in a fast-evolving industry. We ask our employees to maintain flexibility, continue to innovate and adapt to new business conditions and practice.

Δ Integrity
Integrity is at the heart of our business as trust is an essential element of a marketplace. We expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on their commitments.

Δ Passion
Our employees are encouraged to act with passion whether it is serving customers or developing new services and products.

Δ Commitment
Our employees have a dedicated focus and commitment to understanding and delivering on the needs of Chinese and global SMEs.


Competitive Advantage:


1. Know the customers needs

We have 10 years of operating experience in this industry, We have 5 years cooperation with all kinds of brand cooperation in foreign trade import and export, We know our understandings for customers’ needs, our considerate service, think what they want to or they never think!


 2. Faster delivery time

Our staff, full of passion, with the most reasonable, the most efficient labor, supply the best samples and goods to the clients at faster speed!


 3. Strong supply capacity

Whatever big orders or small orders, we will grasp the opportunity the customers give us , Shanghai liangjiang has its own factory, we can guarantee the completion of orders smoothly, at the same time of improving quality, and constantly improve the quality.


4. Honesty is the best policy

Many years of efforts, we strict with themselves, guarantee the customer receive the sample quality same as the goods,  we cherish the samples and big goods into every client, solve the smallest friction between the customers, eventually to achieve a win-win result.


5. Strong Research and Development team

In order to make us more core competitiveness in the industry, we have also has carried on the research and development for the other fillers, such as barium sulfate( precipitation / superfine), calcium carbonate (light/heavy), manganese carbonate series products, improve our competitive advantages in the industry, meet the requirements of customers of high, medium and low, service the different needs of various industries, we aspires to be the supplier of  the world's leading chemical raw materials, show our value of the products made in China!

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