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CAS No 1314-13-2 ZincOxide Powder Environmental Protective For Coatings

CAS No 1314-13-2 ZincOxide Powder Environmental Protective For Coatings

  • CAS No 1314-13-2  ZincOxide Powder Environmental Protective For Coatings
CAS No 1314-13-2  ZincOxide Powder Environmental Protective For Coatings
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LiangJiang
Certification: ISO/REACH/SGS/ROSH
Model Number: 99.8%-99.9%
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Ton/Tons
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plastic and paper compound valve bag, net weight of each bag: 25kgs;1 Pallet can be packed 40 bags by PE film/ 1 ton/ 40bags;1x20' FCL can be loaded 20 Pallet/ 20 ton/800bags. 1x20' FCL can be loaded 22 ton/ 880bags without pallet.;If you have special req
Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: 30% T/T in advance, the balance against the copy of B/L;Irrevocable Sight L/C;western Union、D/A、D/P
Supply Ability: 2000Ton/Tons per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Model Name: Environmental Protection Grade Indirect Method Zinc Oxide CAS No.: 1314-13-2
HS: 28170010 ElNECS No.: 215-222-5
Classification: Zinc Oxide Appearance: White Powder
Application: Widely Used In The Phosphating Liquid, Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Coating, Paint, Fodder, Ceramics, Glass, Plastic, Cement Products, Lubricating Oil, Ointment, Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Food, Battery, Flame Retardants, And Other Fields Grade Standard: Environmental Protection Grade
MF: Zno Production Process: Indirectly Process
High Light:

zno powder


zincoxide powder

 Environmental protection Grade Direct method Zinc Oxide Powder Zno CAS 1314-13-2



Chemical Name

Zinc oxide

Other name

Zinc White


Zno( notes: atomic weight Zn 65.38 plus atomic weight O 15.9994 equals 81.3794)





Molecular Weight



White hexagonal crystals or powders. Tasteless, nontoxic, fine.

Bulk density





Shanghai liangjiang titanium white product co.,ltd


Typical technical index( Standard: GB/T3494-2012)





superior quality

First grade



Zinc oxide(calculated with dry product)






Metal(calculated with Zn)






Lead oxide (calculated with PbO)






Manganicoxide (calculated with Mn)


≤ 0.0001




Copper oxide (calculated with CuO)






Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter


≤ 0.006

≤ 0.008



Burnt loss


≤ 0.2

≤ 0.2

≤ 0.2


Screening residues(45μm )


≤ 0.1

≤ 0.15

≤ 0.2


Soluble matter in water






Volatile matter at 105℃






Oil absorption






Colour (comparing with the standard sample)









Package: plastic woven bag inner plastic bag with net weight 25KG.500kg or 1000kg plastic bag or as customer’s request.

This product, Non-toxic and harmless, white powder,need to prevent moisture in the process of transportation, storage should be placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Avoid breathing dust when processing, if contamination, can be cleaned with soap and water , concrete technology may refer to the corresponding material safety data.




1. Liangjiang brand zinc oxide directly process, takes zinc ingots No.0 as the raw materials, Under the condition of certain oxidation, made into zinc oxide by zinc vapor burn.  This process mainly produces  zinc oxide 99.7% - 99.5%. Appearance is white powder, stable under normal temperature, it has good covering power and tinting strength. Insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in acid, alkali ammonia salt solution, both sexes oxide. To absorb carbon dioxide in the air and water generated with a white zinc carbonate. Heat the time-varying huang, recover white after cooling.


2. Liangjiang brand zinc oxide indirectly process, Founded in 1844 by French scientist leclerc (LeClaire), therefore also called the French process or methods. Zinc oxide indirectly process ,production technology is simple, the cost is strongly influenced by the raw material. Zinc oxide indirectly process, the particles diameter from  0.1micros to 10 microns , purity between 99.5% and 99.7%. According to the output calculation, indirect method is one of the main production processes of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide indirectly process can be used in rubbers, varistors, paints and other industries. The heavy metal content of zinc ingot or zinc slag directly affects the heavy metal impurity content of product, low heavy metal content of products, can also be used for animals feed, medicine, health care and other industries.


3. Liangjiang brand zinc oxide indirectly process:

CAS No 1314-13-2  ZincOxide Powder Environmental Protective For Coatings 0






Currently, the production methods of zin oxide, two categories (pyrogenic process and wet process). pyrogenic process, incluing directly and indirectly.


Item one: indirectly process( also called French process), Based at the high purity zinc ingots, sublimation by heats, oxidation , then zinc oxide will be finished.


Item two: directly process( also called America process), take Zinc concentrate, zinc ash, zinc ore as the raw materials, after heatings, the briquetting into sands, reduction, oxidation and cooling powder, baking powder, packing, etc, zinc oxide directly will be finished.


Item three: wet process also called chemical process. mainly including acid leaching and ammonia. Acid leaching process, the materials as the coarse zinc or zinc ore, reaction with Dilute acids,by subtraction, neutralization, drying and calcining, zinc oxide finished. Ammonia process, the materials as the coarse zinc oxide or roastings used for desulphurization catalysts, zinc oxide will be finished. At present, zinc oxide indirectly process takes 70% to 80%, zinc oxide directly process takes 10% to 20%, the wet process only takes 1% to 2%.



No.1 Indirectly process  zinc ingots are heated at 1000℃, Melting, vaporizing,importing hot air, making oxidation, cooling the zinc oxide, cyclone separator, fine particles are collected by Cloth Bags. Zinc oxide will be finished. chemical equation as follows,



No.2 Directly process  The burning zinc powders, anthracite coal and lime, mixture in proportions. After the reduction smelting, the mineral powder of zinc oxide is restored into zinc steam. Recanalization oxide by the air, zinc oxide collected, zinc oxide will be finished. chemical equation as follows:  

                  2ZnO+C→2Zn+CO2↑;  2Zn+O2→2ZnO 


No.3 Wet process  Reaction with zinc ash and sulfuric acid, then reaction with sodium carbonate and ammonia respectively, zinc carbonate and zinc hydrogen will be finished for zinc oxide. chemical equation as follows,



ZnSO4+2NH3·H2O→Zn(OH)2+(NH4) 2SO4

Firstly, the materials as zinc carbonate, After washing, drying, calcining, crushing, zinc oxide will be finished, chemical equation as follows,   



Secondly, the materials as zinc hydrogen, After washing, drying, calcining, cooling, crushing, zinc oxide will be finished. chemical equation as follows:

                            Zn(HO) 2ZnO+H2O





4. The market prospect of zinc oxide:


Zinc oxide is one of the developing rapidly industries in recent 10 years. 10 years ago, not many enterprises of producing zinc oxide, not more than 20 enterprises of 3000 tons production per year. With the high-speed development of national economy, much more demands of zinc oxide domestic china. Also promote the development of enterprises for zinc oxide production, expanding production capacity.From the Incomplete statistics in the last five years, the capacity for zinc oxide indirectly process has been risen up from 100,000 Tons to 300,000 tons; the wet process has been risen up from 3,000tons to 30,000tons; the total capacity of thress process has been risen up to 1,000,000 tons. Recent five years, the capacity of zinc oxide rise up rapidly, especially for indirectly process, mainly benefit from the auto industry and highway, power grid, and the rapid development of modern electrical appliances, digital communications, and other industries. Zinc oxide is manily used in Rubber tire industry, takes about 60%.Including zinc oxide indirect ,zinc oxide indirect, zinc oxide wet. Till 2010, the radial tyre can basically keep 20% growth per one year.The international first-class tire companies in China Like Michelin, bridgestone, pirelli, Goodyear , have factories in China. The demands of zinc oxide for top grade tires, provides a broad market space for development.


5. Comparison to zinc oxide indirectly process, zinc oxide directly process, zinc oxide wet process:

Zinc oxide directly process, also called America process,  take ores as the materials. After high temperature reduction, oxidation,zinc oxide will be finished.Although the ores as raw materials, the disadvantage is that large energy consumption, product quality is not stable, the first-grade rate is very low.

Zinc oxide indirectly process,also called French process,  take high purity zinc ingots as the materials. After heat sublimation, oxidation, zinc oxide will be finished.The advantage is that zinc oxide has high purity,the disadvantage is that zinc ingot is expensive, large energy consumption, high cost, low product activity and restricted applications

Zinc oxide wet process, also called Chemical process. In recent years this process springs up,many sorts, but in development.Currently widely used sulfuric acid method, Crude ZnO leaching with sulfuric acid, removing impurity, purification, the double decomposition reaction by joining sodium carbonate, intermediate products after drying and calcination, alkaline zinc carbonate or zinc oxide will be finished. As the sulfuric acid method improvement, also take ammonium bicarbonate instead of sodium carbonate as precipitant.The advantage of this process can have a variety of products, product quality is good, the disadvantage is, large consumption of sulfuric acid and sodium carbonate (ammonium bicarbonate), the product cost is high, the equipment corrosion is serious, the recovery difficulties for sodium sulfate or ammonium sulfate;If not recycled,

It can cause environmental pollutions directly.



Liangjiang brand zinc oxide direclt process, Used in rubbers, phosphating solutions, coatings, paints, varistors, thin films, thermal conductive materials and other industries. The heavy metal contents of zinc ingot or zinc slag directly affect the heavy metal impurity content of product, the products with low heavy metals, can also be used in animals feed, medicine, health care and other industries.

Item No.1  Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, request for  Phosphating solution:

The phosphating liquid production for the raw materials is very high.Obviously, more strict for zinc oxide. Reaction with Phosphoric acid and zinc oxide, if the low purity of zinc in zinc oxide or the purity of zinc oxide is not enough. Two situations as follows,

No.1  Consumes more raw materials,reaction with Phosphoric acid. It will affect the purity of the products.

No.2 The lead purity of zinc oxide, higher or lower, affects the transparency of the phosphating liquid. Because zinc metlas could be soluble in acids solvent during the heating process.Generally, use zinc oxide indirectly process. Besides, mainly supply  Zinc Ions,the main components of phosphating film. zinc phosphate made by reaction with Zinc oxide and phosphoric acid, could be used in metals surface, Anticorrosive, antirust, that’s zinc phosphate coating on metal surface, as antirust pigment.



  Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in rubber products.


Zinc oxide is a surfactant of natural latex.Sometimes used as a reinforcing agent and colouring agent.According to the different production methods, it can be divided into zinc oxide indirectly, zinc oxide directly and zinc oxide activated.It is the most important inorganic active agent in rubber industry .to be joined into the rubbers, can not only speed up the curing, also can improve the degree of crosslinking.Activation for  thiazole sulfonamide, times, guanidine, thiuram promoters.Widely used in all kinds of rubber products, especially for the products of transparent rubber and contact with food. Zinc oxide Industrial production, 50% flow to the rubber industry. Zinc oxide and stearic acid as an important reactant, one of the raw material in rubbers.A mixture of zinc oxide and stearic acid strengthened the hardenability of rubber.Zinc oxide is also an important additive of car tyres.In addition to the sulfuration, zinc oxide can greatly improve the heat transfer performance of rubber, which can help the heat dissipation of the tires, ensure to the driving safety.Zinc oxide additives as well as to prevent the erosion of rubber from mold creatures or ultraviolet rays.

Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in rubber tyres:

No. 1 Senior black and dark rubber tyres, radial tyres.

Function: Improve the product's thermal conductivity, wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile strength and other indicators, and can save about 30% usage of zinc oxide.


No.2 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in rubber products:

  • Zinc oxide activated is mainly used as rubber reinforcing agent, so that the rubber has good corrosion resistance, tear resistance and flexibility, elongation.
  • As the promoting agent for rubber vulcanization process, is a multi-functional rubber compound, mainly used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber, latex vulcanizing agent and reinforcing agent.
  • When used as a curing agent, distributed evenly in the rubber, large tounch area with hydrogen sulfide, opportunity to carry on the interface reaction is larger, The active zinc oxide products have active substances to catalysis, the high transformation of zinc oxide to zinc sulfide.
  •  As sulfide antioxidants, to enhance promoter activity, reducing the amount of promoter, shorten the curing period.
  • Accelerate the curing rate, improve the thermal conductivity of the vulcanizates, sulfurized more thoroughly.
  • In rubber industry, especially in the production of transparent rubber products, zinc oxide activated is an excellent curing agent.


No.3 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in synthetic rubbers:

Function: as activator, vulcanization agent and reinforcing agent, and the shading effect. Promote rubber vulcanization, activation and reinforcement, prevent aging, can strengthen the vulcanization process, improve the rubber tearing resistance, abrasion resistance.


No.4 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in natural rubbers:

Function: as vulcanization activator, the promotion of rubber vulcanization, activation and reinforcing, prevent ageing effect, can strengthen the vulcanization process, improve the rubber tearing resistance, wear resistance


No.5 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in latex:

Function: as activator, the promotion of rubber vulcanization, activation and reinforcing, prevent ageing effect, can strengthen the vulcanization process, improve the rubber tearing resistance, wear resistance.


No.6 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in white latex:

Function: As the colorants and fillers.


No.7 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in chloroprene rubber:

Function: Vulcanizing agent and  compounding ingredient to increase the heat conduction performance.


No.8 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in the production of shoes

Function: Rubber shoes, boots, rubber gloves and other labor protection products, to improve the abrasion resistance and anti aging, increase the service life.


No.9 Liangjiang zinc oxide, used in transparent rubbers and rubber used for foods.

Function: As the Inorganic activator in transparent rubbers and rubber used for foods.


No.10 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in Transparent and translucent rubber

Function: As vulcanization activator.


No.11 Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in Transparent or coloured rubbers

Function: Used in transparent or colored rubbers, irreplaceable role compared with  the traditional surfactant like carbon black and others.

Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in coatings:


In the design of coating recipes, zinc oxide can provide many high-performance coating recipes for designers.

Zinc oxide is alkaline compound, can be zinc soap by tracing free fatty acid, and tend to make the paint thicken, will be dissolved meet inorganic acid or acetic acid.

The refractive index of zinc oxide is higher, has the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, its tinting strength and hiding power close to lithopone and titanium pigment, but white color, not pulverization, good light resistance, good thermal endurance; It can form coordination compound with carboxylic acid ions in coatings and thus can reduce the sensitivity of water in the coating, therefore, zinc oxide can improve the weatherability of the coating and pulverization resistance ability, suitable for exterior walls. Zinc oxide could make the product flexibility, strong, waterproof coating, which can prevent the corrosion of metals. But unfavorable and free acid more mixed, lest produce more zinc soap, make coating thick, not easy to brush.

Zinc oxide used in anticorrosion or Marine coatings, the density of zinc iron compounds can be formed, reduce the speed of the corrosive medium further infiltration. The main use is rust protection.

In general, small size in Ceramics, paints by drums or cans, used high purity zinc oxide indirectly; Interior paints, latex paints, used zinc oxide directly of needles appearance, high oil absorption value, can improve the suspension performance.

When zinc oxide used in paint, if the amount is too large, will cause paint viscosity to increases greatly, reduce the stability of the coatings, by selecting the dispersants, TiO2 variety, basic material varieties, pH value, the original viscosity and PVC to get stable coating reciples.

4, Liangjiang brand zinc oxide, used in ceramics:


Zinc oxide, also called zinc white, an important raw material of chemical ceramic solutions, in ceramic industy, zinc oxide is widely used in Brick and tile glaze, Coarse pottery translucent glaze and Craft cutlery after transparent glaze thick fritted glaze. Especially the floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain glaze and the dosage of low temperature ceramic glaze in the building.

zinc oxide in glaze:

Zinc oxide in the glaze has the strong help fusion effect, can reduce the expansion coefficient of glaze and improve the thermal stability of the product, at the same time can increase the luster of the glazed with white degree, improve the flexibility of the glaze. In expanding the horizons of melting, at the same time, can increase the luster of the glaze. But in the black glaze of containing chromium, unfavorable use.

Zinc oxide is mainly used in the following respects,

No.1 as the fluxing agent: Zinc oxide used as flux in the low temperature frit glaze, general usage was 5% ~ 10%, In the low temperature, raw glaze consumption about 5% in normal operations.

No.2 as opacifying agent: add zinc oxide in glazes containing high Al2O3, can improve the glaze opacifying sex. Because zinc oxide and Al2O3 can generate zinc spinel ZnO, Al2O3 crystal. In zinc opacified glaze, Al2O3 can enhance the whiteness of glaze and turbidity. SiO2 can improve glaze gloss.

No.3 as crystallization agent: in art crystallization glaze glaze, is indispensable in the zinc oxide crystallization agent, cooling, fast on the melt glaze form for larger crystal pattern, very beautiful. In the crystalline glaze, the usage of zno is as high as 20 ~ 30%.

No.4 as making cobalt blue glaze: zinc oxide in cobalt blue glaze flux is very important, it can make beautiful sky blue cobalt oxide formation in the glaze.

No.5 as a ceramic pigment: due to the strong help melt role of zinc oxide can be used as fluxing agent in the production of ceramic pigment, mineralizer and glaze carrier.


Zinc oxide useage, pay attention to the following:

No.1 Before use,need to have high temperature calcination, calcination temperature at about 1200 ℃. If not calcine, directly added to raw glaze, it will influence the glaze process performance. You do not need to calcine in join frit material.

No.2 zinc oxide in the glaze , if excessive amount , affects glaze gloss.

No.3  zinc oxide have poor effects on certain glaze, especially chromium glaze.

Shanghai liang jiang titanium white products co., LTD., research for long time to study that zinc oxide can also has effects in reducing the bibulous rate of floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain. The professors inside course of study thinks, in the ceramic glaze formula about the fineness of 1000 mesh of zinc oxide powder, due to the small particle size, specific surface increases, the lower the water absorption. Of course the higher mesh, the higher the price of zinc oxide.

we aspires to be the supplier of  the world's leading chemical raw materials, show our value of the products made in China!

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